Alresford Action Plan

A plan by the community for the community

This is a report by the community for the community, to help define the actions needed to improve the environment of Alresford and the immediate area. It is a culmination of many months' work undertaken by volunteers and steered by the New Alresford Town Council and the Alresford Society.

The plan is an appraisal of the needs and opportunities facing Alresford. A series of recommendations and actions have been identified from the work undertaken by the following groups considering:

A delivery plan to be implemented over the next five years will outline a wide range of projects needed to secure a thriving and sustainable future for Alresford.

Each of the subject reports includes a series of recommendations for action. In each case a lead organisation has been identified - set out in bold italics - together with contributing partners. Priorities have been suggested ranging from priority 1 requiring immediate action to priority 3 where actions should be taken within the next 2-5 years.

This report has been produced with widespread consultation with local interest groups and through two public exhibitions. Extensive publicity has been given to the work through the distribution to all households of the Town Council newsletter. The authors of the report wish to thank the Civic Trust, Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council for their advice and guidance during this "health check" of the town.

It is intended that from this report detailed action plans will be taken forward by the lead organisations identified and progress will be carefully monitored by an action group consisting of the principal stakeholders within the community.

Your Views

The Steering Group would welcome your views and input on the action plan and would like to know of anyone interested in future involvement. If you would like to discuss the plan in more detail we would be delighted to arrange.


An Alresford Town Action Group will be set up with representatives from the New Alresford Town Council, Alresford Society, Chamber of Commerce and other key stakeholders. This Action Group will be responsible for monitoring and chasing progress against each of the actions set out above.

Each "lead body" will be invited to nominate one person to take the lead on the action identified as the responsibility of that body. The Action Group will, from time to time, invite the lead body and/or lead person to report progress and seek any help needed in identifying resources necessary.