Alresford Action Plan


The Facilities Group was formed from five individuals who either had professional expertise, experience or qualifications in the field of leisure, recreation or youth provision and services.

The agreed objectives for the group were:

The agreed remit for the group was deliberately focused on physical leisure and recreation provision, rather than services available to all ages. Thus, no consideration was given to the services which were either currently available for senior citizens or for the very young, such as retirement homes, sheltered accommodation, nurseries or play schools. There is a case for a study on the wider issue of facilities and services available within the town for these groups in the future.

The group's first task was to review the existing portfolio of leisure and recreation facilities available to local residents and to consider all available research information. The group then identified activity areas that appeared to be under provided, following further research and consultation.

Following surveys and consultations with local people it is concluded that current provision for leisure and recreation facilities and opportunities for participation in active sports and physical recreation is generally satisfactory. However there are gaps in provision although during the period of the study the Town Council met one of the principal findings of the research carried out of youth views. This was the lack of a skateboarding facility in Arlebury Park.

One of the other key findings was the shortage of changing accommodation to service the sports pitches, both at Arlebury Park and Stratton Bates playing fields, particularly having regard to recent changes in the rules governing youth sport. The Town Council has already recognised this problem and is planning to increase the changing room capacity at the Arlebury Park complex, as part of a major development programme, for which it is currently assembling the necessary resources.

Although it was not a specific finding of the group, during the initial study phase of the work, two issues were raised at the public consultation workshops and exhibitions. These were firstly the lack of a genuine Town Hall facility with sufficient audience capacity for major cultural and social events appropriate for the size of the local community, and secondly, the absence of allotments. The Town Council is currently investigating options for the provision of allotment land.

The group did not consider that it was appropriate to make recommendations about a new Town Hall facility of a size and audience capacity which would normally be available to a settlement of the size of New Alresford. The reason for this conclusion was the availability of Perins Main Hall and the limited capacity Community Centre, Edward Knight Centre and the John Pearson Hall which made it unlikely that a good case could be made for funding for a new major building

Finally the group recognises that the town has benefited greatly from the successful development of Perins Community School with a range of modern facilities that are available for public use outside school hours. Future developments (new fitness suite, dance studio and additional sports hall) are now in the process of planning and implementation as a result of the school being granted special sports college status. The group welcomes these developments, but considers it important that a comprehensive plan be developed in partnership with the town residents to maximise public use of all the school's recreation and cultural facilities out of school hours.

Critical Facilities Issues

The critical issues are as follows:

Facilities Recommendations


Lead Body


Need to provide skateboarding facilities.



Acquire land adjacent to Arlebury Park to provide additional open space. (Compulsory purchase may be necessary.)

NATC. Support of WCC needed. 


Expand Arlebury Park complex to provide additional changing room capacity. 



Develop plan to maximise use of Perins Community School facilities.

Perins Community School


Phased provision of youth shelters on three NATC managed recreation grounds.



Provide rugby and football pitches on land to be acquired adjacent to Arlebury Park. NATC 3
Explore options to provide purpose built facilities for youth club use.

NATC with Alresford Youth Association (AYA)/local churches

Set up a group to represent sports and recreation interests within the town.

NATC with relevant local groups

Commission feasibility study on the options for an indoor swimming pool. NATC 2
Canvass local community to establish opinions of the desirability to increase library opening hours. City and Town Councillors  2
Establish demand for extending library opening hours and identify most convenient times for maximum public use.

NATC with HCC.







Alresford Community Centre