Alresford Action Plan


Alresford has a long and interesting history which goes back to pre Roman times. During the 19th and most of the 20th centuries the population of Alresford grew slowly to the 1960s when extensive new development took the population to over 5000. Whilst provision of some services has kept pace with this growth others have not.

Alresford (including Old Alresford and Bighton) has a population of some 6,020 (Census 2001) with an average age of 43yrs (Winchester: 40, national average: 38.6).

The number of children under 16 was slightly below the national figure, but the over 60's significantly above (27.4% v. 20.9%). Notably, unemployment was only 1.3%, compared with 3.4% nationally. Of the 2,575 Alresford households, some 77% were owner-occupied and 47% had two or more vehicles - both considerably above the national averages.

Approximately 2,845 residents (67.7% of the 16-74 yr old. population) are in employment or self-employment. It is estimated that local businesses (including schools etc.) employ approximately 2,500, of whom perhaps 1,025 (41%) live within the Alresford area whilst 1,500 come from outside to work in the town. Some 1800 residents work outside the area. Last year 122 pupils left Perins School, of whom 108 went on to further education or training, with 14 becoming available to the job market.

A picture emerges of a relatively stable and prosperous population, weighted towards the over-60's, but with a reasonable percentage of young. With good local schools, shops, facilities and services, set in a highly attractive rural environment, this profile seems unlikely to change significantly in the near future.


Old and New Alresford have a rich heritage going back to Saxon times and beyond. It was a busy market town in the middle ages and was destroyed by fire in Georgian times. The town was rebuilt after the fire with the accent on space around properties with private rear gardens. Light and space was an important factor which contributes greatly to the attraction of the town.

Basic research on the landscape and townscape has been undertaken and research on ecologically valuable areas is being undertaken. Before completion of the analysis and presentation of the reports on the environment it was decided to complete the sections on housing, economy, transport and facilities. In this way the recommendations from these reports can be taken into account when the final environment report is prepared which will bring together all of these elements

Critical Issues

The environment report must reconcile the conclusions from the housing, economy, transport and facilities reports and consider the long term development of Alresford.

Environment Recommendations


Lead Body


An environmental appraisal and analysis should be undertaken putting into context present and future development of Alresford, having regard to the recommendations set out below under Housing, Economy, Transport and Facilities.

Alresford Society (AS)  with New Alresford Town Council (NATC)