"Safer Neighbourhoods" is the name that Hampshire has decided to adopt for Neighbourhood Policing, as it best describes the involvement of more than just the Police in improving life for local communities. A key part of the Safer Neighbourhoods initiative that started on April 1st, is the introduction of Police Community Support Officers (PCSO's) and we now have two.

The job of a PCSO is to provide a highly visible, reassuring presence on the streets and to help tackle the anti-social behaviour and minor crimes that concern many people, freeing up frontline police officers to focus on solving more serious crimes. Dedicating at least 80 per cent of their time to public-facing duties, the PCSO's will work up to 12 midnight from Alresford Police Station. Equipped with mountain bikes, allowing them to cover more ground than always patrolling on foot, they cover the surrounding villages as well as the town.

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Kerry was born in Southampton and has lived in Hampshire all her life. She brings with her four years experience at Southampton Magistrates' Court as a Court Officer, and then with the National Probation Service, both of which gave her experience in dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds. She is excited at the prospect of working in Alresford and already appreciates the strong nature of our community. Kerry invites any resident to approach her when out and about on patrol and will be very pleased to deal with any concerns or problems raised.


Melissa was born and bred quite near Alresford, has excellent educational attainments at Alton Convent, King's School Winchester and Peter Symonds College, followed by a BA Hon degree in Psychology. Melissa also has good I.T. skills - very necessary in her new post. She is an open air type, with interests in swimming, cycling, windsurfing and running and feels very lucky to have been appointed to Alresford. She has always wished to avoid a desk bound job and it does seem that her skills in communication and an interest in people, make her eminently suitable for her new community policing role.


As always, if there is a crime in progress ring 999. For anything you think comes within the PCSO remit (see 'PCSO Powers' above), then register a call by ringing 101. This will be directed, as appropriate, to the first officer available.

If you meet them out around the area, they will be happy to stop and chat. They are trying to get to know as much as they can about the community.


Don't forget -

N.B. New Yellow pages are expected in the area in the next 2 to 3 weeks, please keep your eyes open for copies left outside, even if your neighbour hasn't told you!


Ross Curwen-Bryant recently submitted her resignation from the committee and we thank her for her past contribution. John Stevenson will take over Ross's role as Press Officer. In addition David Pain, from Cheriton, has volunteered to join the committee and is willing to take over responsibility for Cheriton, Bramdean, Tichborne, Beauworth and Kilmeston.


Constabulary Column

An update from Alresford's Sergeant Wayne Curson

Since the start of the year there have been three dwelling burglaries, of which two were detected and charged; unfortunately, for the third, the CPS decided there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

Overall, the crime level in Alresford remains low, but there are two areas of concern -

Vehicle crime is on the increase and owners are reminded again always to secure their vehicles when left unattended. This includes driveways. It only takes seconds to open a door, or reach through a window to remove something that has been left on view. Insurance companies take a dim view of what they consider to be avoidable losses.

There have been 37 criminal damage reports, mainly of small petty damage which affects the owners only, but nevertheless has repair cost and distress implications. Most incidents seem to occur overnight, as they are mainly reported the following morning. Hopefully, the arrival of the PCSO's will have an impact.

Reports of rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour have been recorded. Both Stratton Bates and Sun Hill recreation grounds have been designated hot spots and should be receiving extra patrols. Can the Co-ordinators in these respective areas please monitor the situation.

Please report incidents of vandalism and graffiti as soon as possible after noticing them, using the 101 non-emergency number. This will ensure all incidents are recorded and the appropriate responses are made.

A licensing test purchase operation was undertaken in Alresford, in light of reports of local youths drinking underage, at various locations in and around the town. Only one licensed establishment failed, this time.


EMERGENCY 999 Crime in progress
Life in danger
Violence being used

Report minor crime
Contact Police officer
Leave messages
Ask for Alresford Police Station

0845 045 45 45 Contact Police officer
Leave messages
Subject to operational demands, the station is open to the public at the following times -
Monday - Friday 12.30 - 13.30
18.00 - 19.00
Other times by appointment - telephone 0845 045 45 45
Hampshire Constabulary web site
Information on crime prevention and all Police services.