Alresford & District Neighbourhood Watch Association

Issue No. 19

Spring/Summer 2004


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Picture - Inspector Sargent

Steve has served Hampshire Constabulary for 28 years beginning as a constable on the Isle of Wight and at Portsmouth.  As a keen motorcyclist he gained an early posting to Traffic Department and moved to Petersfield where he was later commended for developing new methods of calculating the speeds of cars in accidents.  In the mid-eighties, he spent 3 years as the village bobby at Bramdean and so knows much of the geography (and one or two of the characters!) of our area.

Promotion took him to Whitehill and then to HQ at Winchester.  On becoming an Inspector he continued at HQ, in Research and Development, before taking over Petersfield police station in 1994. During his time there he encouraged Neighbourhood Watch to develop into an active and effective movement, which continues to go from strength to strength. Recent cut-backs at Petersfield (due to low crime levels there) forced a merger with Whitehill. Steve then transferred to the Itchen Valley section, which includes all officers working from Alresford and Twyford stations.

His aims, which are in line with those of Neighbourhood Watch, are to reduce crime, to catch criminals and to reduce the disproportionate fear of crime. 

Steve lives near Petersfield and is a keen amateur musician, playing the trumpet, singing and writing church music.  He is married to Angela and they have five children aged between 10 and 22.   



The Associationís contribution to National Neighbourhood Watch Week, this year will be a Crime Prevention Event on Saturday 12th June at the Community Centre, West Street, Alresford.

This follows on from the success of two previous events in 1995 and 1999 and comes on Good Neighbour Day, which kicks off the Week. As well as visiting our event, everyone is being encouraged to do a good deed for their neighbour. 

The event will have the full support and participation of Hampshire Constabulary who will provide significant support with vehicles and personnel in attendance.

Access to the Crime Prevention Event is free for all members of the public and there will be a display of crime prevention information covering property protection, property marking, personal safety, burglary prevention, sensible precautions to up rate security, use of extra lighting, and details of intruder alarms. Ample supplies of Home Office literature on the many aspects of crime prevention will be available.

Commercial firms offering crime prevention products will be present. Utility companies wishing to reassure the public about visits by their representatives will provide information. Experienced Committee members will be on hand to cover any queries on the many aspects of preventing crime, protecting elderly house owners and re-assuring the public.


A company offering special deals on resurfacing house rendering has been operating in the area. They employ very pushy sales people, closing with Ďa deal you must sign today or lose!í

Beware, if you invite them to quote, by phone or by completing a card, you may not be able to get your deposit back if you later cancel.

If you are in any doubt about any doorstep traders do call Hampshire Trading Standards on 0845 603 0081. They are always very keen to learn about what is going on and in extreme cases will come out to take action.

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